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I know I Am God/Goddess
here to love & serve and to help
during this transformation
& Healing of our Mother Earth.

These are very exciting times we live in
and I'm happy to help in any way I can!
Please contact me with questions or concerns
and check out the Store page here on my website
to see what products I offer to assist you in
Healing & Ascension.

Born in Auckland New Zealand...
I moved to Vermont when I was 4 & grew up in an atheist family and yet always prayed to an "unseen force" I felt.

So my spiritual path has been a natural unfolding leading me to read the Plato & the New Testament in High School-which opened my heart and I fell in love with Socrates & Jesus. It deepened my prayer's and intentions. In 1990 I was brought to a Medicine Wheel Gathering with Sun Bear where my eyes were opened & I was inspired by the "shamans", which led me to a sweat lodge with Wallace Black Elk that utterly transformed my perception of the world and what was "Reality" as I was "reborn" in the sweat lodge.

Ultimately I was led to my guru Mafu by my father & once again my mind was blown as he came from another dimension and time reminding me of my Divine Origins and Supreme Power.
You can learn more about Mafu at

At the ashram I studied meditation, yoga, mantra practice, chanting and bodywork which became particularly important after I broke my hip and needed all these practices to integrate into a new way of Being.

Mafu always encouraged us to experience other Teacher's, & thus I was led to many Teacher's and Teachings including Gangaji, Yogi Bhajan, Amma (Amritanandamayi Ma), Gurumayi, Babaji, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Mata Pratyingira, Sai Baba, Derek O'Neill and many others.

I was shown the teachings of the
I AM & the Ascended Master's
and became very immersed in these teachings doing decrees and invoking the Violet Flame
sometimes up to 3x a day. These teachings reminded me who I was and what I'm here for: Ascension(Enlightenment)-getting off the karmic wheel.

This obviously changed my world as I became more prosperous, happier & healthier and eventually brought me to meet St. Germain a kind of "cosmic ruler" of the planet now as we enter the "7th Golden Age" and 2012.

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