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~ Lyrics ~


To listen to samples of each song please visit my page on CD BABY:
Heart of Peace CD

I Am Come

I Am Come to Unite the Nations
For we are One
under the same Sun
The time has come to remember
to love each other as your sister & brother
For Brother Jesus said you reap what you sow
So let's plant seeds of love, & flowers to grow
*Love & Peace & Beauty & Harmony*
So take your time & sing your rhyme
& watch the children play, & give thanks everyday
Be sincere to the Spirit, for she is always near
& know that you're a temple of the Living God
& all that you ask for is right here*

So I bow down & I pray everyday
I ask for assistance from Ascended Masters
to shed their Light, their Love & their Power
to awaken the sleeping ones from their slumber
for it is time to remember that we are One, we are God we are the Power*

It is time for the Golden Age,
when you know you are a sage
A Master of the Highest Perfection
A Divine Christed Reflection
A Being of God's Holy Light
endowed with crystal clear sight
to be a keen aware perception
to fulfill God's Holy Mission
so be the Light that you Are
Be the Love you long for
For we are the Ones we've been waiting for*

Bring in the Light of the White Dove


*Namaste, I see the Divine in You as you see the Divine in me*
The Holy Spirit fills my soul
every breath I feel I Am whole
I'm coming home to Heaven on Earth
witnessing Ascension in this rebirth
*Namaste I see the Divine in you as you see the Divine in me*
I Am grateful for this Holy Light
expelling all darkness bringing Peace to our sight
We come from the Heavens to bring Peace to this land
It's our Holy Mission, in God's Love we stand

*Namaste I see the Divine in you, as you see the Divine in me*

I Love You

Beloved God, come unto my heart
Show me the Way, show me the Way
put me where you want me to be,
show me what you want me to do,
tell me what you want me to Know,
& make me what you want me to Be
& Bless All Hearts right here right now
Beloved I Am Presence
May your love always be remembered
From the stillness, from the Silence
You speak to me & Guide me
& I Am eternally grateful
Angels...all around us now
Perfection right here right now
I love you

God is Love

My mind & heart are on God forever
All I seek is within
May all I do be for the Glory of God
May all I think be for the Glory of God
May all I see be for the Glory of God
May all I feel be for the Glory of God
I Love God
God Is Love
Goddess Love
Be still & know I Am God
I Am God
I Am Peace
Aham prema
I Am Divine Love
Thank you God
Thank You


*Aloha ke akua
God is within us, God I Am, God is Love, We are One*
The first light of dawn, the spark of God
Holy Mother & Divine Father,
I pray for the Healing of our Mother Earth
I pray for the Healing of the Nations
& Unification of All People, remember that we are One
Remember to Love & Serve each other forever & ever*

Ah is the first light of dawn
& Lo is the sound of eternity
& Ha is the breath, the blessing of life from God Aloha*

I greet all the Light that is within you with all of the Light that is within me Let that which is unknown become known*

Mother Mary

Mother Mary, my heart is a river, a river flowing to you
take me in your arms, heal my heart, mend each fracture in my heart
Mother Mary please come, come in your visible tangible presence
pray for us now your sons & daughters, pray for our Victory
I Am Forgiveness acting here, casting out all doubt & feat,
setting men forever free on wings of Cosmic Victory
I Am calling in full power for Forgiveness every hour
to all life in every place I flood forth forgiving Grace,
Mother Mary full of Grace
the Lord is with Thee & Blessed art Thou amongst women
& Blessed is the fruit of thy womb I AM
Holy Mary Mother of God
Pray for us sons & daughters of God
Now & at the hour of our Victory over sin, disease & death

My Heart Arches

Blessings to all from the Light
You are the Light of the World
You are the Love that you seek
Seek & you shall find, all is within
*My Heart arches to God
that I Am Healed
Pour your Light through me that I Am Healed
Purify me that You & I are One
Purify me that we are One
that I Am Ascended & Free*

Bring me to the Light oh bring me Home
that I Am God's Perfection
Seal me in the Presence of God's Divine Love
That I Am in Service to the Light*

I Forgive myself oh I forgive all
That I Am free to be Love
May I always know the Love & Light of God
The Light of God that never fails*

All songs dedicated to the lotus feet of my Guru Mafu,
Ammachi, Babaji, Swami Paramananda Saraswati, Dalai Lama & the Divine

All songs are recorded at 424Hz, which is the frequency of Nature, Whales, Dolphins & Birds~

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To listen to samples of each song please visit my page on CD BABY:
Heart of Peace CD

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